If you're building a new home from scratch, you have a chance to incorporate all the newest, greenest features that are not usually available in a resale home. Building green is not just a great help to our overtaxed environment, it's also extremely trendy. You could end up with the home that's the envy of all your neighbors. Here are some tips for features and materials to include when you're building green.


Make sure to include lots of windows that are double-panes and energy efficient in your property, because the more natural light you're able to use, the less you have to rely on electric lighting.

Reclaimed and Recycled Materials

Every day, thousands of buildings made of perfectly good lumber, glass, metal, and stone are pulled down and their materials disposed of. Don't let it all go to waste. Reuse whatever you can from used building supply dealers and choose new products that have been made from old ones.

Water Collection

Water is one of our most precious natural resources, so see that the your rain water is collected in outside tanks that can be purchased from any home store. You can also reclaim the filtered waste water from your drains and use both sources to water your lawn and flower beds or wash your car. .

Renewable Energy

Greenhouse gases from electricity generation are changing the Earth's climate, so this is your chance to stop using grid electricity. You can easily buy kits to set up wind turbines and solar panels in your yard or roof that will reduce or eliminate your dependence on the grid.

Energy Star Appliances

Using power is inevitable, so you should try and use as little as possible by making sure you buy the smallest, most efficient models that meet your family's needs. Ovens, fridges, and TVs are the appliances that most need to follow this model.

Non-Toxic Materials

Some building materials used in normal houses are treated with chemicals that are released after installation, affecting your indoor air quality. Cut down on these residual poisons by choosing wood treated through non-toxic methods.


Greenery such as trees and shrubs help filter the air of harmful carbon dioxide, so plant as many as you can. You can even turn the fallen bits into organic use. Another great idea is to plant vegetables instead of flowers to reduce your dependence on food that must be grown in chemically treated farms and imported in big polluting trucks. And if you enjoy planning out and caring for your greenery so much, perhaps you'll even start planning a new landscape design for your property! Visit our website sponsor, Whitby dental clinic, Trinity Family Dental Whitby, to learn about different dental services and procedures offered to those wanting to improve their smile.

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