The only way to get exactly what you want in a home is to have one purpose built. Pre-owned homes always involve some sort of compromise when you buy them resale, but by buying pre-construction you can almost always choose the exact fixtures and fittings you want for the interior of your unit. The flooring, light fixtures, taps, counters, sinks, and paint, are all up to you. The same applies when you're buying into a planned subdivision. When it comes time to tell the builders what you want, here are some of the things you should think about.


There are thousands of options when it comes to choosing a sink or a countertop, but as tempting as it may be to choose some exotic option that reminds you of your vacation in the South Seas, remember that you have to live with it at least for a few years. A place where the sinks are too high for the kids to wash their hands or where the floor is slippery enough to pose a hazard to anyone in socks is not one that is enjoyable to live in. When you choose your fixtures, picture using them in everyday life.


If you have a particular piece of art that you wanted to be the centerpiece of the room, don't forget to choose fixtures in a color and texture that is going to suit your decorating scheme. It's all well and good to have marble countertops, but if they're a deep green and all your cabinets are a reddish mahogany finish, your kitchen is going to look like it belongs to Santa Claus. So take the time to consider how all the pieces you're choosing with coordinate as a whole.


Even if you plan on living in your home until your retirement, you're eventually going to want to sell your home, which means you have to consider what other people will want in terms of fixtures when you're building the house. Popular choices among today's buyers include marble and granite countertops, pot and track lighting, hardwood or bamboo floors, and neutral tones in the bathroom that don't make for an explosion of hard-to-change color. Some painting professionals often suggest neutral paint tones to clients who are freshening up the walls before listing their property for sale.


And finally, since not all fixtures are created equal, not all fixtures will be priced equally. Take the time when you're making your short list to consider how each fixture would affect the budget for your house for sale. Don't back yourself into a corner where you have to go back and ask for a larger mortgage or put yourself on a tight budget for the first few years in your new house just because you had to have the best of everything.

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