In the early days of condos and lofts, developers were mostly interested in churning out identical looking boxes with plain but functional units. In those days, condos were just apartments you could own, but today the condo market has exploded, and building developers are packing their towers with as many luxury features and amenities as they can manage to try and attract the wealthy condo-buying crowd to choose their building rather than their competitor's. We'll go over some of the common amenities developers are including in their buildings these days.

Workout Areas

These days every condo building has at least a weight room that all the building tenants can use instead of buying passes to the gym nearby. Workout areas range from a simple room with a few treadmills and exercise bikes in it to a full service gym complete with trainers and a private swimming pool. Workout areas tend to be located in the basement, so ask to see it when you're doing your tour of your potential new condo building.


Today's condo rentals aren't much different from hotels, especially when it comes to the services they offer. Even buildings in downtown Toronto for example, will offer tenants in-apartment washer and dryers or even a laundry service to clean their clothes for them. Almost every building has a concierge who can arrange for taxis and the like, and parking has become an essential commodity as well, with many building developers hollowing out several floors below ground to be able to offer it to their tenants.


The height of apartment security used to be the locked door that required a tenant or a code to buzz you in. However, most thieves and n'er-do-wells have figured out a way around this feature, so the newer condo buildings on the real estate listings will go the extra step. The developers will design them so that the elevators need a tenant's keyfob or card to run, the doors won't open unless the proper pass card is shown, and there will be a security station in the lobby to stop anyone who hasn't entered by proper channels.


As much as people care about being safe and healthy, they care about living a comfortable life even more, so developers will go the extra step. You'll find a lot of rooftop gardens, private film theaters, solariums, large balconies, and shiny modern appliances in the newest developments. Decor will be modern, the architectural style will be eye catching, and there will be a price tag to match. We think it is a good idea for any condo seeker to first read "Before You Buy A Condo".

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