If you're sitting in your own home and are looking around your property and wondering if you really need everything you have or if you could survive on just the basics the answer would probably surprise you. We, as a society, have gotten so used to just being consumed with stuff that we don't realize that we don't really need everything inside of our home.

As an example, unless you really need four bedrooms in your house and use each and every one of them because you have a large family you might not really need four bedrooms. Just think about it for a second. Sometimes it's more about want than need. We want more stuff than we really need and it could be said in regards to a lot of other parts of our lives; food, clothing, toys, electronics, etc. It can also most certainly be said for real estate. When looking at real estate listings we will always gravitate towards the most we can get for the money we're spending.

It's a natural instinct to want more. Why take less when we can get more? However, sometimes less is more. There are more and more people designing real estate and shopping for real estate that are figuring that out as the minimalist type of architecture and design has become more popular in recent times. If you aren't fully aware of what minimalist architecture and design is then let us tell you.

When it comes to the term minimalism in architecture and design it's a term used to describe a building structure that has been reduced to only the bare necessities where you only need the necessary elements to survive. Instead of spending hours looking at and choosing the right custom cabinets or which home inspection company to use, you'll be spending more time figuring out what your home doesn't need.

Some features of a minimalist house include an open concept kitchen and dining room area that only has a dining table and chairs, and kitchen counters that only have the necessary appliances such as a toaster, coffee maker or microwave, rooms with minimal furniture, no clutter anywhere in the house, clear surfaces, quality furniture over quantity, simple artwork or decorations, and solid colors, just to name a few. The main focus of a minimalist designed house is simplicity, quality and of course, the bare minimum of items. In a minimalist house you only live with what you need. Do you need two sofas in the living room? If not, why have two? Only go with what you need.

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