Whether you're thinking about buying real estate or building a brand new home you're going to have many styles of homes to choose from. There's nothing quite like home design and it can be fun looking at various types of real estate structures and styles. That's especially true if you have your hearts set on designing and building a brand new home if you don't want to buy an already built house many others have lived in.

Even with that in mind there is no greater source of inspiration during the home design phase than looking at all the different types of real estate structures that are already on the market. A quick glance through real estate listings will give you an idea of what homes look like and which styles you can choose from. If you're in the market to go old school luxury and elegance then look no further than Victorian style homes, which was prevalent among homes built in the UK during Queen Victoria's reign from 1837-1901. During that time it has been estimated that millions of homes were built to meet the design specifications for Victorian houses.

The typical features of Victorian styles homes that you might come across when looking at a house for sale include octagonal towers, welcoming verandas, steeply pitched roofs, multiple rooflines, bay windows, intricate gingerbread trim, shaped shingle rows, and glass-paneled entry doors. Victorian style homes are a master in the art of home styling and have influenced many types of Victorian style offshoot homes such as Victorian Italianate and Gothic Revival.

One of the biggest reasons why Victorian style homes are so popular is their grand regal look that makes them look like a castle. What home owner doesn't consider their home to be their castle? Now, imagine actually living in one! Other things we should be thankful for at the turn of the Victorian era that influenced home construction are sanitation regulations, making running hot and cold water a common feature and using gas to light homes.

If you know that you want to live in a Victorian style home but you and your real estate agent can't seem to find one for sale you now know what features make up a Victorian style house and you can start the process of building your own. Good luck!

Victorian Home

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